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Brand Bio: Reigning Champ

Brand Bio: Reigning Champ


CYC Design Corporation brings you Reigning Champ. Straight from it’s Vancouver factory crafting the highest quality sweatshirts with Signature 25oz. Canadian Heavyweight Fleece.

The heart of Reigning Champ is in the craftsmanship, quality and fit of the knits. Inspired by the active lifestyle that is ever present in Vancouver, paying homage to those individuals that seek and represent quality, passion, commitment and all the characteristics that encompass a reigning champ. This can be paralleled to Reigning Champ’s commitment to making the best sweatshirts and athletic wear on the market.

From Reigning Champ:

Started as a factory brand for garment manufacturer CYC Design Corporation, Reigning Champ is a men’s active lifestyle brand that brings to market the highest quality sweatshirts right here in Vancouver.

Reigning Champ is about balancing classic silhouettes with contemporary fits and placing smart manufacturing details that explore and help define the “new classic”or “new standard” of men’s wear.

“Superior Design, Fit and Quality”

The design focus and major inspiration is drawn from the active lifestyle within their own city of Vancouver. The brand takes advantage of the unique geography of Vancouver and the rich cultures and subcultures of active lifestyle sports that exist within the city and the immediate surroundings.

Outdoor gear and equipment are so prominent in the city and many people wear their outdoor gear within the city as their casual everyday wear (bring outdoor gear to the city). Reigning Champ readapts this concept by designing casual styled garments that can be taken to the outdoors (taking the city to the outdoors).

The brand sets itself apart from their competition by providing classic sportswear in a contemporary fit. Carefully worked over to bring a new standard in fits that work for todays lifestyle in todays fashion.

Reigning Champ’s quality comes from over 14 years of CYC’s crafting of garments in their own factory in Vancouver that has helped establish the worldwide recognition of quality in Canadian made garments.

The design, fit and quality of the brand collectively work together to offer a superior product.

Reigning Champ has worked along side and collaborated with some interesting like-minded individuals and brands. These collaborative projects have brought attention to and helped introduce the brand and their partners to new markets respectively. When selecting partners to work with, the brand has often worked with “reigning champs” of their respective markets, industries or craft.

To name a few Reigning Champ has worked with musician James Lavelle and his brand SURRENDER, American singer/songwriter and blues musician JOHN MAYER, hall of fame surfer Joel Tudor and his surf brand KOOKBOX, EA Sports and their boxing franchise FIGHT NIGHT, street wear originator Shawn Stussy and his current endeavor S/DOUBLE, Hawaiian underwater photographer WAYNE LEVIN.

Look for new lines from Reigning Champ that define the new standard of superior design, fit & quality garments along with exciting collaborations with other reigning champs of the world.

In Canada contact:
Take 5 Trading
604 569 1223

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