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HUF – Team Canada

HUF – Team Canada


HUF Team Canada!

Introducing the Canadian HUF team…

Under the guidance of Take Fives Team Manager and HUF Canada team rider, Bryan Wherry, we are proud to announce the Canadian HUF team.

When we sat down to build this team we knew that it was going to be a very select group of guys. We really wanted to compile a crew that represented HUF for all it’s worth. This really meant a strong balance of style and skills. As all of us know Keith Hufnagel represents this like very very few people and sets a high standard for the team.

Torey Goodall


As soon as we set the guidelines a few names popped up into mind, the first being Torey Goodall. If any of you have had the pleasure of meeting this guy you will agree he is as solid as they come and has more natural talent than is fair to the rest of us. Torey is originally from Vancouver but currently resides in Montreal in between nomadic stints.


Mike Vince

Next to mind was Mike Vince, another one of those guys who just ooses style. It’s awesome to see the level people have taken skateboarding to in the past few years, but you have to admit that there are a select few that you could just watch push down the street and get phsyced to go skate. Mike is one of those. It also helps that he’s got the talent to put that good style to some use. Mike is from Winnipeg but often calls Vancouver and Barcelona home for months at a time. Check out a clip of him from Supper’s Ready: The Green Apple Family Tree here.

Mike Fyfe


Mike Fyfe was the third person to be brought into the mix. Your going to notice a reoccurring theme here but again another guy who has a great balance of skills and aesthetics. You’ll be able to see a full length part of Mike displaying these traits in the upcoming Studio Skateboards video and you can check out his part from Elephant Direct here. Mike sometimes calls Montreal home, often calls Ottawa home and in between calls whatever bed, couch, or floor he’s sleeping on home.


Sam Mulholland

Sam Mulholland rolls with the Blue Tile Lounge crew which should tell you enough right there. I’ve only known of Sam for the past 6 months but in those 6 months (which I should ad has been winter) he sent me enough photos for a feature interview.

Jai Ball


Jai ball is the most recent additon to the crew. An all around stand up guy and one of Montreals finest for the last decade. This guy lives and breathes skateboarding everyday while still finding time to run his own company Studio Skateboards. Definitely a stylish dude on and off his board with the skills to match. Look out for his full part in the soon to come Studio video.


Bryan Wherry

A skateboarder till the day he leaves this earth. As guanine as they come. We are stoked to have Bryan on the team and equally as stoked to have him help us take care of the crew. Bryan is an Ontario native calling Vancouver home. You can take an up close and personal look at his pad in Vol 9 issue 2 of Color Magazine.

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